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Why use Past Papers?

Past papers are inherently the most realistic materials available for exam preparation, as they are real papers from the exam! Unfortunately, official past papers for the LNAT are extremely limited, with only a handful of practice tests being available online. However, these few papers are still extremely valuable for your prep!

Once you’ve been preparing for a while, you’re more than likely going to want to give the exam a go, which is exactly why these practice papers are so helpful. Not only are you taking a perfectly accurate mock exam, but you’ll also have access to the answer to every question to make marking easy for you. 

Plus, you can go a step further and view worked solutions for every paper to get a better understanding of how each question is solved. You can access these when you upgrade your LNAT.Ninja account!

History of the LNAT

The first LNAT was sat in 2004 for the admissions process of a variety of law courses. Its development was established due to the issue of increased competition and candidate pools in law schools throughout the UK, spearheaded by universities including Oxford.

The format of the LNAT has remained pretty much the same throughout all those years, meaning you’ll be taking the same test that applicants were taking nearly 20 years ago!

Unfortunately, the past papers from the LNAT are not made available to the public, meaning applicants like yourself will have less revision material than ideal available online. However, Exams.Ninja alleviates that issue, as we have a giant collection of over 350 practice questions available for free when you make an account!

LNAT Practice Tips

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you optimise your LNAT Preparation with these past papers:

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