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Why use Past Papers?

Past papers are inherently the most realistic materials available for ENGAA preparation, as they are real papers from the exam! Past papers are the best way of taking mock exams, as they will provide you with actual ENGAA questions and a realistic format.

Once you’ve been preparing for a while, you’re more than likely going to want to give the exam a go, which is exactly why past papers are so helpful. Not only are you taking a perfectly accurate mock exam, but you’ll also have access to the answer to every question to make marking easy for you. 

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History of the ENGAA

The first ENGAA was sat in 2016 for the admissions process of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Since the first exam, the format of the ENGAA has changed a great deal, meaning that older past papers will look very different from the version of the ENGAA you’ll be sitting this year. These changes were implemented in 2019, so it’s important to be aware of how the exam format has changed over the years: 

  • In older ENGAA papers, the test still consisted of two sections. However, the formats and questions within these sections were very different.
  • In Section 1 of the ENGAA, there were two sets of questions to be answered, Part A and Part B.
  • Part A consisted of 28 multiple-choice questions based on Standard Maths and Physics.
  • Part B consisted of 26 multiple-choice questions based on Advanced Maths and Physics.
  • Applicants had 80 minutes to complete this section, calculators were not permitted.
  • Section 2 featured 20 multiple choice questions. These questions would sometimes connect to one another, meaning one question could not be answered without answering a different question first.
  • Applicants had 40 minutes to complete this section and were allowed to use a basic, non-graphical calculator.

The ENGAA still contains the same amount of questions and lasts the same amount of time, but the section time limits are now split equally at 60 minutes. Some minor updates and additions have been made to the ENGAA Specification over the years, but the content knowledge has not significantly changed.

ENGAA Past Paper Tips

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