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An intelligent system carefully crafted by NSAA experts. Exams Ninja teaches you everything you need to know about the NSAA. Preparation made simple. 

Practice Dojo

Practice Dojo

1200+ questions for Section 1 and 30 questions for Section 2 of the NSAA, complete with worked solutions for you to practice as much as you want. Practice makes perfect.


Training Temple

Full tutorials, strategy guides, comprehensive lessons and insider tips on all the relevant aspects of the NSAA. Train like you mean it!

Arena Blue

Exam Arena

Practice in a real life-like environment, answering timed real practice papers in the same format as the computerised NSAA exam. Take as many simulated tests as you want.

Practice Dojo

Practice Dojo

1200+ questions on section 1 and 30 questions on section B of the NSAA written by Cambridge Experts, all with worked solutions so you can practice and learn the most efficient ways to tackle the questions in our bank and prepare for the real test.

Training Temple

Temple White

In the Training Temple you can go through all of our revision notes and strategy guides for every topic in the exam. Our experts will walk you through the trickiest subjects, providing an online crash course of everything NSAA!


Exam Arena

Arena Blue

The NSAA is a time-pressured exam. Exams Ninja’s test simulator perfectly simulates the real-world exam environment. Practicing with our exam simulator ensures you aren’t caught off guard on the test day. Maximise your score. Maximise your chances of getting into university. There’s no limit to how many practice tests you can take!

NSAA Section 1

Work through practice questions for Section 1 of the NSAA. All written perfectly in the style of the exam. Get fully worked solutions for each and every one.

1200+ unique questions for Section 1 for you to practice on, focus on the areas you want to improve and learn as you go.

Worked solutions for each question to help you understand the thought process that leads to the right answer.

Practice on the go with Exams Ninja, available with your subscription for desktop computers, tablets and phones.

NSAA Section 2

Section 2 of the NSAA is hard, we know. However, with NSAA Ninja you’ll be able to prepare for Section 2 questions by reading through 30 full-length example questions with detailed explanations to help you improve.

30 example questions to help you understand how to address the main aspects and challenges of Section 2 of the NSAA.

All the questions in our platform were carefully written by NSAA experts to exemplify key aspects to keep in mind.

Exams Ninja provides flexible learning on all devices, to help you prepare for the NSAA at home or on the go.

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